3 Methods I Learned in Career Coaching

It wasn’t until I started working from home that I realized I lacked a career plan with formal goals. A coach helped me rethink my professional development by focusing on personal growth.

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Working from home has many perks. No commute, no rush hour, no filter coffee but peace and quiet instead. Sounds too good to be true? That’s because it is. One of the biggest challenges of working from home is the dissolution of previously defined boundaries. As Business Insider notes: “The threshold for being constantly available or working overtime is even lower. After all, the boundaries between work and private life easily threaten to merge when people work and live in the same rooms.”

That perfectly mirrors my experience. When working from home became the new normal, I had trouble logging…

A useful List of Tools and Methods for any Start-up & SME

To be or not to be — when it comes to your website, that indeed is the big question. Because “not to be” means no visitors, no engagement, and ultimately no conversion. Luckily, there are a few tricks for those out there who regularly deal with money limitations. Here are 5 practical tricks to cover SEO, navigation, design, content, and storytelling.

My economics professor, a die-hard advocate of the Homo economic theory, used to say that the only constant in the history of marketing is everyone wanting to jump the bandwagon without knowing the price of the ticket. I shrug it off and went on to work in a corporation with an annual marketing budget in the double-digit million range, never once truly considering budget limitations to be an issue.

Fast forward to today and much has changed, most notably my employer. Working for an SME, I quickly learned that the price of anything is among the first things you ought…

Which Potential New Trends May Emerge From the Coronacrisis?

Aside from interest rate developments, inflation, or property prices — what will the post-corona construction and real estate sector look like?

Through the looking glass: How will Covid-19 shape the urban landscape?

Disrupted production and supply chains, expansive monetary policies, and the predicted collapse of the global economy — the effects of the corona crisis will accompany us for a long time to come. Forecasts range from total isolation through the decomposition of global systems to a return to traditional values and local structures. Whatever direction the world will move towards, the construction and real estate industry will have to deal with a variety of new trends and changes in collective behavior. Let’s have a look at potential scenarios and probable developments.

[The real estate industry] can help reduce the risks of…

An attempt to fathom what good architecture means with the help of science and philosophy.

The connections between humans and their built environment have not yet been fully explored. And yet, various scientific and philosophical currents are concerned with the effect of architecture and consequently, with the question of what constitutes good architecture.

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Art is a matter of debate. And architecture even more so. A misstep is not only widely visible but also here to stay. The question of taste inevitably arises when we perceive architecture as a form of art and consider it primarily from an aesthetic point of view. In 2012, the German newspaper Die Zeit wrote a highly engaging article on the subject: “Whenever experts discuss planning and building, it is above all the technical and quantifiable aspects of architecture that are ventilated. (…) And yet, in the end, architecture is not something that arises from regulations and structural grids…

The joys of empirical learning, am I right?

Let me start off by telling you what this article isn’t about. It is not a recipe for success or a list entailing the necessities to convert leads into cash. It is neither a rant against textbooks nor a glorification of trade shows. It is simply a personal accumulation of observations, inputs, and learnings I have gathered from managing what feels like hundreds of booths at B2B trade shows in F&B, finance and real estate in Europe and Asia with visitor numbers ranging from 500 people on C-Level to 200’000 retailers and wholesalers.

So much for the prelude. …

Isabel Gehrer

I mostly write about the things I know well: marketing & real estate. Courtesy of a millennial with a passion for Jump’n’Run, fantasy novels, and high heels.

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